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No typical agency BS.

No Annual Contracts

At Mattered, we believe in earning your business every day. That's why we don't lock you into annual contracts. Our flexible, month-to-month partnerships allow us to adapt and grow together, ensuring we're always aligned with your evolving business needs.

No Sugar Coating

Honesty is our policy. We don't shy away from tough conversations because we know they lead to better results. If something isn't working, we'll tell you straight up, offering actionable insights and pivoting strategies to ensure your brand's digital journey is on the path to success.

No Middle Men

Direct communication is key to our success at Mattered. Forget the runaround of account managers; with us, you'll talk directly to the people working on your projects. Through shared Slack channels, we guarantee quick responses and immediate insights, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.

No "Vanity Metrics"

We're all about metrics that matter. Instead of inflating success with vanity metrics, we focus on tangible results that drive your business forward. Our goal is to provide clear, actionable data that directly correlates with your growth and success.

No One-Size-Fits-All Strategies

Your brand is unique, and your digital strategy should be too. At Mattered, we reject the cookie-cutter approach, taking the time to understand your business, audience, and goals. This allows us to craft bespoke strategies that are as unique as your brand, ensuring we hit the mark every time.

No Hidden Fees

Transparency in billing as much as in strategy. With Mattered, what you see is what you get. No hidden fees, no obscure charges, just straightforward pricing for our services. We believe in clear communication from the outset, ensuring you're never surprised when the invoice arrives.

We are a ‘people first’ agency, dedicated to putting our clients and their customers at the center of everything we do.


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"They go above and beyond for the relationship "

Mattered are integral, creative and easy to work with. They are strategic, and knowledgeable about the marketplace. We feel very cared for, and they are always available for us. We do feel they go above and beyond for the relationship and as a business owner, that is everything.

Marcia Maizel-Clarke

“They really delivered on all fronts”

What impressed me the most about the mattered team is that they really delivered on all fronts. Usually with vendors I find myself having to compromise, whether it be on cost, speed, function, design, etc, but that was not the case with mattered. They helped design a beautiful solution that was both functional and well architected on a timeline and cost that exceeded expectations. Would highly recommend them without reservation.

Jeremy Ouaknine

“Working with Mattered has been an absolute godsend”

Working with Mattered has been an absolute godsend. They support BOXFOX across multiple channels and initiatives, but always with a finger on the pulse of our company-wide strategy, ethos and values. Innovative, hardworking, good people, need we say more?

Chelsea Moore

What we can help your
business unlock.

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Email Management

Elevate your email marketing with Mattered's strategic approach, utilizing the latest in segmentation and personalization. We ensure your emails engage and convert, with continuous optimizations based on performance insights to keep your strategy sharp and effective.

SMS Management

Direct and impactful, our SMS management service ensures your messages reach your audience promptly. By blending targeted messaging with nuanced performance analysis, we create immediate connections, driving engagement and conversions efficiently.

Meta Ads

Optimize your presence on Facebook and Instagram with our expert Meta Ads management. Mattered focuses on maximizing your ad spend, targeting the audiences most likely to engage and convert. Through data-driven optimizations, we refine your strategy for substantial ROI.

from $7,500 / m

TikTok Ads

Capture attention in the dynamic TikTok landscape with creatively crafted campaigns that drive action. Mattered's approach combines creativity with strategic testing to ensure your content not only captures attention but also achieves your marketing objectives.

from $7,500 / m

Pinterest Ads

Unlock Pinterest's potential with ads that inspire and convert. Mattered leverages the platform's visual appeal, crafting content that resonates with your target audience. Strategic content adjustments based on engagement data ensure your campaigns continuously improve and perform.

from $7,500 / m

Pinterest Organic

Build your brand's presence organically on Pinterest with Mattered's expertise. Through strategic content curation and optimization, we connect you with an audience seeking inspiration, employing insights from performance data to enhance visibility and engagement.


Our professional photoshoots breathe life into your brand's story. Mattered captures the essence of your products with every shot, ensuring visuals that not only attract but also convert. Strategic content selection based on performance feedback ensures your visuals remain impactful.

from $7,500 / m

Ad Creative

Elevate your ad creative with Mattered, where innovation meets insight. Our creative team designs compelling ad visuals and copy, optimized through performance feedback to ensure your campaigns strike the right note and drive desired actions.

from $7,500 / m

Shopify Development

Revolutionize your online store with Mattered's Shopify development services. From custom themes to feature enhancements, our team employs a data-driven approach to optimize user experience and conversion rates, ensuring your ecommerce platform stands out in the digital marketplace.


Transform your digital interfaces with Mattered's UI/UX design expertise. We prioritize user experience, crafting intuitive and engaging interfaces that not only look stunning but also function seamlessly. Our design process is informed by user feedback and behavioral data, ensuring that we continually refine and enhance the user journey to meet and exceed user expectations and drive conversions.

& More!

Mattered's digital problem-solving extends beyond the listed services. With a foundation built on tailored solutions and performance optimization, we're equipped to enhance every aspect of your brand's digital journey, ensuring seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints. We let the data do the talking and adjust accordingly allowing us to take an objective approach ensuring maximum ROI for our clients. There is no room for ego!

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