Three Nails, a faith-driven premium sportswear brand, partnered with Mattered to expand their digital footprint and maximize market impact. Through innovative digital advertising strategies and a deep understanding of the brand's unique identity, Mattered helped Three Nails achieve a 265% increase in total sales and a 505% YoY revenue growth from email campaigns during BFCM 2023.

Three Nails
Three Nails



Total sales


Email Revenue


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SMS Revenue

Mattered's strategic approach led to a remarkable BFCM performance for Three Nails, up 256% from 2022. Our efforts also resulted in the highest grossing revenue email ever in the account, with a 24% growth in the subscriber list and a 491% YoY increase in SMS revenue.

The custom-designed email and SMS campaigns crafted by Mattered for Three Nails during BFCM 2023 exemplify our ability to deliver compelling, on-brand content with impressive turnaround times. These efforts were pivotal in achieving record-breaking engagement and sales.

Through a blend of strategic insight and creative execution, Mattered successfully enhanced Three Nails' digital presence and sales performance. The BFCM 2023 campaign not only surpassed previous revenue records but also strengthened Three Nails' connection with its community, reinforcing the brand's mission and market position.

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74x ROI for SMS & 61x ROI for email
SFMC enhanced dynamic content for greater personalization
50% lift in feature adoption

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