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Our efforts were recently highlighted in an MSN article, praising the transformation and vision driving Mattered's future. The piece delves into the strategic changes and how they align with our commitment to excellence and innovation.


Mattered’s Rebrand Is Total Goals — See Why

In a world where digital marketing agencies clutter the scene with cliché promises and monotonous branding, Mattered, an award-winning agency based in Irvine, CA, stands out—not just literally but visually and philosophically. Say goodbye to the old and brace yourselves for Mattered's new "building blocks" logo, a transformative leap from their humble triangle predecessor.

Mattered’s latest rebrand isn’t just a facelift. It's a rebellion against the mundane, a blueprint for the future. The old triangle logo? It was sharp, but simple—a mere whisper of potential. The new logo? A shout from the rooftops. These building blocks are not just stacked; they're engineered to ascend, symbolizing the agency's ethos of building scalable processes that elevate clients from milestone to milestone.

Like the hidden arrow in FedEx’s logo that communicates efficiency and forward motion, Mattered's new "building blocks" logo is building a similar legacy: a beacon of trust and transformation in the digital landscape. The new logo reads loud and clear: It's not about fitting into the market, it's about creating the market, piece by piece.

No BS Allowed: Mattered’s Website Tells It Like It Is

In a bold but oh-so-necessary move, Mattered's refreshed online space now features a dedicated section called "No Typical Agency BS."  A manifesto against the fluff that plagues the industry, Mattered calls out the empty promises and overused jargon that many agencies hide behind. What you won't get from Mattered is as important as what you will get. And we love an agency that goes against the grain. And apparently it’s working for them: one case study boasts +98,789% increase in organic Pinterest impressions per day, demonstrating a significant boost in user engagement and content visibility.

In a digital era screaming for authenticity and real results, Mattered’s rebrand with its "building blocks" logo and sleek, minimalist website does more than just stand out. It disrupts. It challenges. It invites businesses to rise up with them, building success upon success. As you navigate the clean lines and modern, user-friendly interface of their website, it’s clear: this agency isn’t just playing the game; they're redefining it.

With every block placed in its new logo, Mattered is constructing a fortress of reliability and innovation in digital marketing. If you're tired of the same old agency runaround and crave a partnership that propels you forward, Mattered’s new brand is your beacon. Welcome to the future of digital marketing, shaped one block at a time.

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