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In a transformative collaboration with Hidden Crown, Mattered dramatically scaled their Pinterest visibility, increasing daily impressions from less than 1,000 to approximately 880,000. Within just 10 months, we boosted their total monthly audience by over 50,867% and elevated outbound clicks by 27,066%, turning their Pinterest account into a powerhouse of engagement and organic sales.

Hidden Crown
Hidden Crown

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Starting with modest daily impressions and a limited reach, our strategic interventions catapulted Hidden Crown's Pinterest metrics to new heights. Daily impressions surged by nearly 100,000%, monthly audience numbers exceeded 7.63 million, and outbound clicks rose to over 42,000. These stats not only illustrate the scale of growth but also the precision of our targeted approach.

Master Pinterest with these key strategies: Craft specific, searchable titles that resonate with users, align your posts with trending terms for maximum visibility, and time your content to precede peak search periods, ensuring your pins are perfectly positioned to capture attention and inspire action.

Our partnership with Hidden Crown on Pinterest has set a new benchmark in social media excellence. Through meticulous planning and innovative marketing tactics, we've turned their profile from a low-traffic account into a major channel for organic growth and customer interaction. This case study exemplifies how strategic focus and creative execution can lead to unprecedented results in digital marketing.

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Mattered is a truly collaborative partner that cares about their clients and consistently delivers high ROAs. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and results-driven marketing team.

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74x ROI for SMS & 61x ROI for email
265% increase in total YoY sales
SFMC enhanced dynamic content for greater personalization

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