ASRV, renowned for pushing the limits in athletic wear, partnered with Mattered to redefine their email and SMS strategy. Our mission: to craft a communication framework that resonates with ASRV’s ethos, optimizing customer engagement and bolstering brand loyalty.


The results


ROI for SMS in 2023


New subscribers


ROI for Email in 2023


Spam rate during BFCM

Through strategic refinement, we amplified ASRV's ROI to 61x on Klaviyo and 74x on Attentive in 2023, with a marked uplift in revenue year-over-year. Our work demonstrates a profound impact, not just on revenue but on the efficiency of communication channels, with significant reductions in bounce, spam, and unsubscribe rates.

Showcasing exceptional results through strategic A/B testing, our focused campaigns for ASRV led to 24.3% more revenue, while engaging 19.3% fewer recipients—a testament to the precision and effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Our journey with ASRV has been a testament to the power of targeted, data-driven marketing strategies. By implementing new SMS flows and optimizing email segmentation, we've not only achieved a 24% increase in Klaviyo-attributable revenue during the peak BFCM season but also solidified a foundation for sustained year-over-year growth.

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