Boxfox's vision for a specialized corporate gifting platform came to life with Mattered's expertise. We meticulously converted custom Figma designs into a dynamic Shopify page, tailored to meet the intricate needs of B2B interactions, enhancing the corporate gifting experience.

3 Months

Explore the custom interface of Boxfox's B2B gifting page—a testament to Mattered's precision in transforming design into a fully functional Shopify experience, crafted for ease and engagement.

Boxfox’s collaboration with Mattered resulted in a tailor-made Shopify solution that epitomizes the elegance and efficiency of custom Liquid development, setting a new benchmark for B2B e-commerce platforms.

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Working with Mattered has been an absolute godsend. They support BOXFOX across multiple channels and initiatives, but always with a finger on the pulse of our company-wide strategy, ethos and values. Innovative, hardworking, good people, need we say more?

Chelsea Moore


We asked +1,000 shoppers what they expect from brands on BFCM
74x ROI for SMS & 61x ROI for email
+98,789% increase in organic Pinterest impressions per day

We have limited availability for the remainder of 2024. Please reach out to our team and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.