Responsive HTML Emails

the job

Byte, a trailblazer in the oral care industry, sought to enhance their digital marketing efforts to reflect their commitment to quality and innovation. The objective was to transform their email designs, initially crafted in Figma, into responsive HTML emails compatible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This task was crucial in ensuring consistent brand messaging and customer experience across various platforms. A significant aspect of this project was to address the challenge of color inversion in email clients supporting dark mode, ensuring that Byte's emails maintain their visual integrity and appeal regardless of user settings. Additionally, the project demanded meticulous optimization to ensure flawless functionality across diverse email clients, such as Gmail and Outlook, which are known for their unique rendering quirks.

Mattered's Move

At Mattered, we approached Byte's project with a keen focus on precision and adaptability. Our first step involved converting Figma designs into responsive HTML templates, ensuring that they were not only visually appealing but also highly functional across all devices and screen sizes. Recognizing the growing popularity of dark mode among users, we implemented advanced techniques to test and adjust color inversions, thereby maintaining the aesthetic essence of Byte's branding in every viewing mode. Our team conducted extensive cross-client testing, fine-tuning every element of the HTML code to guarantee seamless rendering in major email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and others. This meticulous process ensured that Byte’s emails would be displayed perfectly, irrespective of the platform, thereby enhancing user engagement and reinforcing Byte’s image as a provider of high-quality, accessible oral care services. This project highlighted our expertise in creating versatile, user-centric email solutions that align with our clients' innovative ethos and commitment to customer satisfaction.








Byte is a company that aims to transform the oral care industry by making high-quality services more accessible and affordable. Based in Los Angeles, Byte offers an innovative oral care platform, specializing in at-home, invisible aligners. These aligners are designed to provide quick, professional results at a cost significantly lower than traditional methods. Byte collaborates with a wide network of licensed orthodontists and dentists across the nation, ensuring that each treatment plan is professionally prescribed and tailored to individual needs. The company's mission is to enhance lives by assisting people in achieving a healthy and confident smile. Byte's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in its accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and numerous 5-star customer reviews. Additionally, as a member of the American Teledentistry Association, Byte is at the forefront of advancing oral care and teledentistry, continually striving to offer the best possible services to its clients.