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BOXFOX, founded in 2014, is a personalized gifting company that allows customers to create or choose from curated gift boxes for personal or corporate purposes. The company emerged from the founders' desire for a more thoughtful, modernized gifting alternative. BOXFOX's e-commerce platform enables worldwide shipping of their gift boxes, each topped with a handwritten note. Their business model combines modern technology with the traditional aspect of gift-giving to enhance relationships. The company aims to provide accessible and affordable high-quality gifting options and foster a positive work environment for its employees.

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the job

BOXFOX, our client, was operating on an outdated Shopify theme and required a modernized upgrade along with a slight rebranding. The task was to revamp BOXFOX's website to ensure it was fully responsive, thereby enhancing the customer experience, and to refresh the brand in a way that would further resonate with its customer base and modern e-commerce standards.

Mattered's Move

In partnership with Part & Parcel, we took a design and development-focused approach to meet BOXFOX's needs. Our strategy involved designing a completely responsive website, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices and platforms. We kept the essence of BOXFOX's brand while infusing a fresh aesthetic to align with the latest design trends. This strategic design, combined with advanced development techniques, aimed to optimize the website's functionality, overall appeal, and make it a potent platform for BOXFOX's reinvigorated branding.

Client sketches turned into low-fi wireframes.

Elevated designs to attract enterprise level clientele.

The final product on desktop...

...and mobile.

Final Notes:

BOXFOX, a modern and personalized gifting company, engaged us at Mattered to refresh their outdated Shopify theme and execute a subtle rebrand. Working closely with Part & Parcel, we embarked on a design and development journey to create a fully responsive and revamped website for BOXFOX. The project aimed to enhance user experience across various devices, uplift the brand's online presence, and align it with current e-commerce trends. This strategic intervention has served to streamline BOXFOX's operations, modernize its brand identity, and ultimately provide an improved and more engaging online shopping experience for its customers.

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