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Dogeared, a brand synonymous with heartfelt jewelry and a deep commitment to sustainability and positive impact, sought to modernize its brand identity. This rebranding endeavor aimed to retain the essence of Dogeared's legacy – its connection to meaningful moments, dedication to responsible jewelry creation, and a rich history of community giving. The challenge was to weave these core values into a refreshed, more elevated brand aesthetic that resonates with contemporary consumers while honoring the brand’s Southern Californian roots and the laid-back, authentic style that has defined Dogeared for over three decades.

Mattered's Move

At Mattered, our approach to rebranding Dogeared was anchored in the brand's unique narrative and values. We embraced the challenge of amplifying Dogeared’s ethos – the simplicity of design, the commitment to slow fashion, and the legacy of giving – in a modern context. Our process began with a deep dive into Dogeared’s history, understanding the nuances that made the brand special. We then embarked on a creative journey to elevate the brand's visual identity, ensuring that every element from the logo to the packaging resonated with both timelessness and modernity. This reimagining was done with a meticulous eye, focusing on sustainable practices and materials in line with Dogeared’s environmental commitments. Throughout this process, we ensured that the brand’s core – its soul, represented by the ‘kitchen table creativity’ and the stories behind each piece – remained untouched. The result was a rebranded Dogeared that not only looked towards the future with a refreshed, elevated feel but also stayed true to the rich legacy and values that have defined it since its inception.










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Founded in 1991, Dogeared has carved a unique niche in the jewelry world, blending heartfelt designs with a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Each creation embodies the spirit of Southern California – a symbol of positivity and purposeful living. With a focus on 'slow fashion', Dogeared uses recycled materials and sustainable practices, crafting jewelry that’s both beautiful and ethically made. Beyond exquisite craftsmanship, Dogeared is recognized for its community contributions, especially through initiatives like the Do Good Bus, founded in 2017. Wearing Dogeared is more than a fashion statement – it’s an expression of a lifestyle committed to making a positive impact.