3D Web Experience


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the job

The vision behind our latest project was to not only showcase our prowess in leveraging cutting-edge technology like three.js but also to reinvent how brands tell their stories interactively. What began as a simple, abstract concept of space exploration evolved into an immersive 3D website experience. The challenge was to construct a digital realm that resonates with both existing and potential clients, leaving a profound and lasting impression. Our goal was to demonstrate that with the right blend of innovation and narrative, a website can transcend being just an information hub to become a memorable journey for its visitors.

Mattered's Move

Mattered’s journey to create an immersive digital experience was a showcase of innovation and teamwork. Starting with a fascination for the cosmos, our design, development, and writing teams transformed this spark into a captivating 3D space odyssey using three.js. From detailed wireframing to sophisticated 3D graphics, every step was about more than just building a website – it was crafting an interactive narrative that pushes the boundaries of digital storytelling and user engagement.