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Mammoth Distribution is the largest and most professional cannabis distribution company in California. Our house of brands specialize in cannabis concentrates, flower, tinctures, beverages and vape products, that meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and potency. Mammoth offers the industry a best-in-class portfolio of brands, expanded services, fine tuned operations, and committed employees. All Mammoth-distributed products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are extensively third party tested in state-licensed labs to ensure the cleanest, safest cannabis products on the market, meeting and/or exceeding all of California’s state cannabis regulations.

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Mammoth's challenge was the legacy ordering system. Using static PDF menus and manual updates, it lacked the dynamism of modern digital solutions. They needed an interactive platform that merged the inventory system with the customer interface, reflecting real-time updates in both.

Mattered's Move

At Mattered, we stepped up by architecting a sleek, integrated solution using React and Node.js. The result? A custom-built, dynamic dashboard directly interfacing with Acumatica. Our design turned ordering into a simple, interactive experience, automatically syncing customer orders with the inventory. Simple, seamless, and smart.

The original Mammoth PDF Menu.

Wireframes and journeys that were mapped prior to design.

Desktop design of the live menu.

3 of our favorite mobile screenshots with cart!


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Final Notes:

Mammoth Distribution, California's premier and award-winning cannabis distributor, boasts an extensive portfolio of top-tier products, including concentrates, flowers, tinctures, beverages, and vape products. They champion rigorous safety standards, with all offerings undergoing extensive third-party testing in state-licensed labs, exceeding California’s strict regulations. Through our collaboration, Mattered crafted a dynamic, interactive ordering platform for Mammoth, employing modern React/Node.js technology. This solution, designed to mirror Mammoth's dedication to innovation and quality, not only elevated the customer experience but further cemented Mammoth's industry-leading position in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.

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