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Smirk approached Mattered with a unique challenge: to design and construct a platform that could deftly navigate the vast universe of brand email newsletters and render it effortlessly accessible. The mandate was clear yet ambitious: to create a website where users could find, explore, and stay informed about brand communications, whilst maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. The site needed to be more than just a database; it had to be an innovative, engaging, and intuitive tool for discovery. A place where information was not only stored but also presented in a way that beckoned exploration and fostered deeper connections between brands and their audience.

Mattered's Move

Undaunted by the scale of the task, Mattered leapt into action. We embraced minimalism as our guiding design principle, believing that simplicity and functionality can coexist in harmony. By prioritizing user experience, we stripped away the superfluous, focusing on clean lines, intuitive navigation, and a straightforward interface that doesn't sacrifice depth for clarity. The result is a seamless, engaging platform that balances aesthetic appeal with utility, making the exploration of brand newsletters a pleasure rather than a chore. With Smirk.co, Mattered has created more than a product; we've created a portal that ushers in a new era of streamlined brand discovery and communication.








Smirk.co is a revolutionary platform that hosts a searchable public database of brand email newsletters, providing a unique, convenient way for users to access and explore brand communications. Its mission is to transform the way people engage with brands by making these communications accessible and organized, thus ensuring no valuable information is lost or unnoticed. Serving as a bridge between brands and their audience, Smirk.co promotes discovery, connection, and informed relationships, bringing a new level of transparency to the world of digital marketing.