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Three Nails, a premium sportswear brand rooted in faith and high performance, sought to expand their digital footprint and enhance their market impact. Founded with a deep-seated mission to serve Kingdom athletes, they aimed to not only fill a niche in the activewear market but also to inspire and empower their community through their products. The challenge for Mattered was clear: to amplify Three Nails’ message and increase its return on ad spend (ROAS), thereby enabling the brand to reach more customers and further its mission. This task required a nuanced understanding of the brand’s unique identity and an innovative approach to digital advertising.

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Mattered approached Three Nails’ goals with a strategy that was as ambitious as the brand’s own vision. By increasing the ad spend by a modest 5%, we aimed to test the waters of scalability without jeopardizing efficiency. Our team dove into a rigorous process of market analysis, audience segmentation, and creative optimization to ensure that every dollar spent was an investment in reaching the right audience with the right message. Through meticulous tracking and data-driven decision-making, we were able to not only meet but significantly exceed the target by increasing the ROAS by 28% within the first 90 days. This result was a testament to the power of strategic planning, precise execution, and a deep understanding of Three Nails’ brand ethos and market positioning. Our collaboration with Three Nails showcased our ability to foster growth and drive impactful results, aligning perfectly with the brand’s ethos of pursuing purpose and giving glory.



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Founded in 2017 by a Christian athlete, the mission of Three Nails is to provide Kingdom athletes with premium sportswear that represents their faith and allows them to perform at a high level. Founder/CEO, Derek, prayed and prayed for God to show him his purpose in life. The idea of building the first premium activewear brand would not escape his mind so he took the leap of faith and began Three Nails. What started as a brand out of his garage has elevated beyond what he could imagine. It's much more than filling a void in the market. It's pursuing your God-given purpose. It's expanding the kingdom. It's giving back. It's giving God glory.


Three Nails