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Frankie's on the Park, a burgeoning boutique and supportive community dedicated to celebrating and empowering girls, identified a need to enhance their email performance. With a rich narrative of supporting girls' transition into womanhood, Frankie's wanted to ensure this message effectively reached and resonated with its audience. Thus, our role at Mattered was to perform a comprehensive audit of their email marketing strategies, craft an actionable plan to address identified gaps, and revitalize their email content, both visually and in written form.

Mattered's Move

Approaching Frankie's on the Park's project strategically, we began by critically analyzing their email performance metrics. Our audit revealed significant room for improvement, which we addressed with a meticulously designed action plan. From optimizing their existing emails to creating new ones with engaging design and compelling copy, we aimed to enhance their overall email marketing performance. The areas we specifically targeted included campaign performance, the welcome series, browse abandon flow, and sign-up forms. The strategy was geared toward not just increasing audience reach, but also driving up user engagement and revenue.








Enthralling Designs — Breathing Life into Emails

Frankie’s on the Park is the ultimate boutique shopping experience that celebrates girls as they grow. Frankie’s is a not-so-secret sisterhood — a community that supports you, encourages you, and always has your back. Girlhood? We’ve been there. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’re here to show you the way. (Like we wish someone would have done for us when we were younger!) You can be whoever you want to be, knowing that we’re right behind you cheering you on. Because we think confidence always looks good on you.


Frankie's on the Park