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For, our mission was to diversify and strengthen their digital marketing strategy by tapping into alternative and supplemental traffic sources. The primary objective was to broaden their top-of-funnel reach, attracting new customers through the unique and visually-driven platform of Pinterest Ads. From the outset, our focus was to not only capture but also engage a fresh audience, leveraging the platform's distinct user base to boost brand visibility and drive meaningful traffic.

Mattered's Move

In addressing's need for new customer acquisition channels, Mattered strategically turned to Pinterest Ads for its untapped potential. We embarked on a dual approach: firstly, diving deep into market research to understand the Pinterest user psychology, and secondly, deploying rigorous A/B testing for both creative content and ad placements. This meticulous process allowed us to fine-tune our campaigns to the nuances of the platform, ensuring that every ad not only reached but resonated with potential new customers. The result was a robust, data-driven campaign that significantly expanded BOXFOX’s digital footprint, ultimately yielding an impressive 11.5x average ROI from January 1, 2023, to September 30, 2023. This success story stands as a testament to our belief in the power of exploring new digital territories and the impact of strategic, data-informed advertising.



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BOXFOX, founded in 2014, is a personalized gifting company that allows customers to create or choose from curated gift boxes for personal or corporate purposes. The company emerged from the founders' desire for a more thoughtful, modernized gifting alternative. BOXFOX's e-commerce platform enables worldwide shipping of their gift boxes, each topped with a handwritten note. Their business model combines modern technology with the traditional aspect of gift-giving to enhance relationships. The company aims to provide accessible and affordable high-quality gifting options and foster a positive work environment for its employees.