Lifestacks' journey of reinvention, guided by Mattered, showcases a holistic rebranding that aligns with their ethos of enhanced well-being. We unveiled a new visual identity, from the logo to packaging and website, that communicates the brand's dedication to stress-free productivity and optimal health.

2 months

Tasked with a total visual overhaul, we worked closely with the Lifestacks team, meticulously crafting a new visual identity that embodies the brand's commitment to providing a low-stress, high-productivity supplement.

The comprehensive rebranding journey of Lifestacks marks a new chapter in their story. The updated logo, packaging, and website—birthed from a blend of collaboration and innovation—now stand as a testament to the brand's evolution and renewed commitment to health and wellness excellence.

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Mattered has taken our branding and marketing to the next level. Whenever we have major decisions and opportunities on the horizon, the Mattered team comes together, considers the situation deeply, and consistently generates measured plans and thoughtful suggestions. Working with Mattered feels like a radical departure from our experience with other agencies. They really care, and they hold themselves to a standard of excellence.

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Theodore Roosevelt

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74x ROI for SMS & 61x ROI for email
265% increase in total YoY sales
SFMC enhanced dynamic content for greater personalization

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