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Hidden Crown Q4

Thriving brand needs to match their image with the high-end nature of their products before BFCM 

Year over year, month over month, quarter over quarter — however you try to slice it, the number speak for themselves.

Salt Lake City, UT
Project Length


Thriving brand needs to their image match the high-end nature of their products before BFCM 

Mattered’s Move: 

  • Elevate their image through email & ad redesigns
  • Implement a new paid media strategy with new creative to map out a long term growth strategy – and simultaneously hit the holiday sale goals 
  • Create an effective spend strategy paired with consistent messaging throughout email, SMS, web, and paid media to maximize ROA.


Q4 2021, Hidden Crown reached their most profitable month ever

Hidden Crown

About the client:

"When I founded this company in 2013 in a small home office as a one-woman show, I set out to create high-quality extensions that were easily accessible, affordable, and that anyone could put on themselves at home. What matters most to me is the quality of hair we use to make our extensions. Extensions are not regulated in the US, so you must trust the company you buy from."
— Shelly Goodstein, Founder & CEO 

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