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Case Study

Ecodrive Dashboard

UI/UX, Design, Development, 3D

Ecodrive is a company that, among other things, plants trees to offset carbon emissions

The job: Build a dashboard that allows ecomm stores to automatically "plant a tree for every order placed"

Costa Mesa, CA
Project Length
3 Months


Needs a more efficient process for processing, tracking, & invoicing customers 

Mattered’s Move: 

  • Automate a solely manual process through a custom dashboard connecting the store directly with Shopify’s API
  • Simplify the purchasing process for customers directly in the dashboard 
  • Build out a repository of resources to create a more unique customer experience



About the client:

Ecodrive is a climatech company based out of California that has planted over 500,000 trees in an effort to reduce the ever increasing level of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere. These 500,000 trees will remove over 340,000,000 LBS of CO2 over their lifetime!

Ecodrive plants mangroves on a dedicated and protected plot of land in Madagascar. Outside of reducing carbon emissions, Ecodrive is also aiding in the alleviation of poverty by creating jobs for local villagers. Every 100 trees planted creates 1 full work day for a local villager in need.

Want to start offsetting your emissions?


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