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Landing pages that work!

Landing pages that work!
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Samantha Morrissey
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Paid Media
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Here at Mattered, we love a good landing page. And for good reason — a great landing page can be a game-changer for conversion. Before we list some of our favorites, let’s talk about some of the basic principles for creating a standout landing page.

The basics

The name of the game for any successful landing page is simplicity, with power. Messaging, visuals, and CTA should all work together to be clear, concise, and striking. You don’t want to inundate the user with too much to look at or too much to digest — it’ll distract them from your main goal. A great headline, an eye-grabbing image, and a strong CTA are a great place to start.


Meaningfully minimal 

Winc’s landing page is simplicity at its finest. The header has the logo front and center, topped with a bright banner with a special offer to create some urgency — and because hello, who doesn’t love a discount. The headline is a mere three words, but it says everything you need to know. The CTA is wrapped in a vibrant pink, backed by an artful photo of some of the wine they have to offer. In this case, the only thing better than seeing the product would be drinking it — cheers, Winc! 

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Businesses using optimization software for their landing pages see an average conversion lift of 30%. - unbounce.com
All in good fun

An app that helps block unwanted notifications while screen sharing, muzzle makes a case for their product with humor. Muzzle’s landing page diverts from a static, attractive image and dives into interactive animation. You might be thinking, “Hey, wait a minute”, because we know, we just put a stake in the ground on all things clear and simple — but that’s what this is too, just with some added flair. 

This minimally designed landing page skips the headline and displays their logo to top the page, followed by a short description of the product, punctuated by a download button. The fun begins on the side of the screen, where outrageous notifications — from threatening texts to boss-shaming messages and even emails from YouPorn — start to show up. You can try to get rid of them by clicking delete or reply, but they continue to appear  — only reinforcing what a necessary app this is, for fear your dirty laundry will be aired during an important screen share. Fun, memorable, and to the point!    

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A little bit of everything

If you work in marketing, you’ve definitely heard of HootSuite. Their landing page does it all without overwhelming the user — and that’s thanks to a great design. The main image above the fold expertly showcases a few of HootSuite’s capabilities, without being visually chaotic. My favorite part? The social proof on display. As you scroll you can find some details on different plans, and then they hit you with all you really need to know: “Over 16 million users and the world's top brands use Hootsuite”. Paired with a collage of all-star brands that use HootSuite, this hard-hitting piece of copy says it all.    

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