February 15, 2022 12:34 AM

Is SMS worth it?

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Be honest. How many times did you check your phone today? Between social media, email, and phone calls, it’s likely that your customers check their phones as much as any busy professional. And while we highly recommend that you stay strategically engaged with your people through multiple channels, a quick text message could help you reach your weekly or monthly revenues goals overnight.

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SMS marketing had a 98% Open Rate, and a 10.63% CTR in 2020.

SMS marketing earns you money.

High open and click-through rates naturally lead to higher closed sale/conversation rates compared to more traditional marketing channels.  TV and print advertising just doesn’t make much sense for online eCommerce brands. A single text message is going to cost you around .01 cents, and the average return tends to be between .72 cents and $8.

SMS Marketing is far cheaper and gets your customers into the checkout page faster.

Try running a text-based coupon or special offer this week and tell us your results!

Your competition is still behind

SMS Marketing still has a long way to go before it’s widely adopted. In our experience, we love getting special promotions and deals from our favorite brands, and 85% of consumers report that they would gladly ‘opt-in’ for the same. But, most businesses are nervous about sending texts to private mobile phone numbers. They’d rather stick to traditional email marketing (and we all know emails have low open rates). Even digital marketers themselves are lagging behind onthis best-kept secret.

You’ll be ahead of the game by developing a strong SMS marketing strategy. Make sure your copy is authentic and engaging, so your customers feel like they are communicating with a person, or better yet, and trusted friend.

SMS Marketing is versatile

There are so many ways you can engage with your customers through SMS:

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Find the right partner

Granted, it’s a lot of work just to stay on top of email campaigns and track ROI. Adding on a whole new channel comes with its own management headaches. Business owners don’t want to step on any toes or break any compliance laws, so they make a minimal effort to implement SMS into their marketing plan.

Fortunately, there are many powerful tools on the market to automate and manage SMS Outreach.  And you’ve also got us. Refinery can help you navigate the legal and technical details if you are considering launching SMS campaigns in the near future.

We’d love to see how we can help you print money. Stay tuned, or contact us directly if you’ve got a solid list of numbers that you’d like to make the most of today.

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