March 10, 2022 9:23 AM

10 CTA's you need to try

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Clear consistent direction throughout your website is a must for high conversion rates. Don’t settle for less. It’s important to periodically test Call-To-Actions to see what resonates most with your customer base. Every detail, like font type, size, color, and even the button size needs to be taken into consideration and tested.‍

Ten CTA’s That Could Drown You In Revenue

Not all CTA’s are equal. Some are to close a sale while others are meant to nurture and engage your customers

Here are 10 CTA’s for you to try in your next campaign.

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Start small, test, and if it works - scale! Each of these CTAs are for different goals. Hopefully, you’ll buy us dinner after you reap the rewards of our good advice.

1. The Consultative Cart Abandonment CTA

Forgotten carts are a great opportunity to play a consultative role and help your customers with any last-minute purchases. If they’ve left your online store before completing their order, try sending them a personalized message while offering assistance.

‘It seems like there are still items left in your cart. We wanted to reach out and see if you were still interested in taking them home with you, or if our checkout process is busted.
Please feel free to reply to this email, or click here to return to your cart and complete your order.
We take a lot of pride in the work that goes into each one of our products, so we would love to answer any questions you might have, or if you are looking for something more unique and special for you.’

2. A More Direct Approach: The Straight-Shooter CTA

This is another cart abandonment CTA but with a more assertive and always courteous touch.

Just tell your customer they forgot their items and what to do next. Here is where you will definitely want to experiment with different colors and presentations.

‘These are the items still waiting for you. Looks like a pretty sweet haul!
Click here to complete your order.’

Short and sweet is best.

3. The Urgency CTA

Try this when you are sending out a nurture campaign to a list of customers who have bought from you recently. Especially if they have been leaving you nice reviews.


Act now, or forever lose this deal
I don’t want to miss out on this
I saw it first, gimme that.

4. The Community CTA

Builing an active community made up of happy loyal customers is a major step towards hitting those big months you dream about.

Your online store should definitely have several options for your customer to engage with you on social media. Don’t forget to include links to all your social media pages, and even consider offering specials and discounts for whoever shares your page across platforms.

Click Here to tell us what you think!
Give us a follow and earn discount!
Share our page for a free welcoming item

5. The Coupon - Subscribe CTA

Not everyone who browses your online store is going to purchase something. This ‘not ready’ audience was interested enough to take a look, but maybe needs some nurturing before they submit their final orders.

You’ll want to capture their name and email addresses as smoothly as possible. Try placing this CTA on the home page as a pop-up that isn’t an eyesore and offers the customer an incentive for entering their information.


‘Sign-up for our newsletter and get 10% off your next purchase!’

‘Enter to placed in our 100$ giftcard giveaway!’

6.  The Feedback CTA

First-time shoppers at your online store are going to feel assured and confident if there are plenty good reviews for them to scroll through. Try sending out a couple of emails that ask your best and loyal customers to leave reviews on items they purchased, or to be included in a list of testimonies to be published on a separate page.

Don’t forget to include ‘Leave a Review’ under every item - especially the top sellers!

7.  The Exclusive CTA

This is a great one to collect up-to-date customer addresses and names. Try-out a simple pop-up that offers the customer the chance to get exclusive sneak-peaks at upcoming items. 

We’ve got limited-edition items on sale every Wednesday. Only the first 100 customers to sign-up will get access - don’t miss out!’

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8. The Urgent CTA

Try including a countdown timer beneath select items to build a sense of urgency. You’ll be surprised how effective this tactic works with items that haven’t been selling so hot.

‘1 Hour Left For 20% OFF’

‘Buy Today And Get Free Shipping’

9. The Referral CTA

Leverage the happiness and satisfaction of your loyal customers by getting them to bring business to you. At the top of your page, try including a link to a referral program whereby they can recommend friends and family and earn points or special discounts.


Get $50

Refer and Win

Refer and Save

Free Stuff

10.  The Classy Landing Page CTA

This is like having a fancy virtual doorman holding open the door for your customers. Nothing adds a sophisticated touch to your online store like a sleek, simple landing page that gives the customer a value proposition and seals the deal with a few bold words like:

Don’t Miss Out

Be Part of  The Journey

Welcome In

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