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Samantha Morrissey, with a decade's experience in copywriting, now serves as Head of Communications at Mattered. Starting her career at Mattered handling all things copy, and now leading communications at Mattered, she effectively blends professional advertising skills with a passion for personal storytelling, inspiring change through powerful messaging.

Samantha Morrissey is a seasoned communicator and writer, currently leading the way as Head of Communications at Mattered, a position she stepped into in January 2023. Samantha has spent nearly a decade honing her craft in the advertising industry, where her compelling narratives and strategic messaging have made a significant impact.

Samantha embarked on her professional journey as a Copywriter at The S3 Agency, where she crafted innovative and engaging content that resonated with diverse audiences. She further developed her skills and refined her writing style at Trajectory, where her work echoed the company's unique brand voice, captivating customers and contributing to the company's success.

But Samantha's writing roots go deeper than her professional experience. From the time she could hold a pen, she nurtured a passion for writing that transcended into her personal life, as evident from decades of diary entries, demonstrating her capacity for introspection and understanding of human emotions.

Today, she combines her advertising acumen with her penchant for storytelling in her role at Mattered. As Head of Communications, she expertly navigates the nuances of corporate messaging, turning complex information into digestible and engaging narratives. Samantha's leadership is driven by her belief in the power of words to inspire, motivate, and spark change.

With her rich blend of professional experience and personal passion, Samantha Morrissey continues to champion effective communication and deliver exceptional results.

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